That Is What Friends Do...

I do not look at our differences and shake my head at them. I embrace them and bask in the fact that our differences are what make our friendship what it is. I look at our differences and smile because that is what friends do.

I do not laugh in your face because of the mistakes you've made. I try to understand why you have made them and help you to move forward from the situation. Because that, my friend, is what friends do.

I do not judge you for the life you live and force you to make a change. Rather, I love you just the way you are. Because that is what friends do.

I do not force my beliefs on you or tell you that you're wrong. Rather, I try to understand your
beliefs and see where you are coming from. I'm not saying that I will change to believe the same things you do or that you should change to believe the same things as I. But, I respect you for standing up for your beliefs as I stand for mine. Because, you know what? THAT is what friends do.

All I ask in return is that you treat me the same. If you call me friend, embrace our differences. Help me move forward from my mistakes. Do not judge me or expect me to change. Respect my beliefs as I do yours. Love me as I am. Love me as I love you. Because that is what friends do.


All I Ever Needed To Know...

I did not learn in kindergarten.

In the past couple of months, I have learned a lot of lessons that are key to being an adult in today's society. Here are a few examples.

Iced coffee and cigarettes will never be as good as hot coffee and cigarettes. Most beer is just that... beer. But, Fat Tire beer is like honey in the land of plenty. Fresh pesto is always better than pesto that is prepackaged or a week old. Canned asparagus will never ever be as good as fresh asparagus. Back to pesto... it goes with just about anything. Fresh mushrooms should never be washed. Artichoke hearts in olive oil will always taste better than artichoke hearts in water. Spicy food always feels better going in than coming out... the same goes for tequila. Most importantly, it is better to splurge for a better bottle of spirits.

These, above all, are lessons that I have valued. But, the most important lessons are... True friends will be there through the rough patches. No matter how rough! Secrets burn bridges more effectively than any wild fire. Forgiveness is beautiful to witness. Life goes on, even after death.

To the people who have taught me these lessons, I am forever grateful. I love you to the ends of the earth and back!

***edit*** It was brought to my attention that I have left out a crucial lesson. This being that thin crust pizza blows any other crust away! Think... pizza toppings on a cracker! YUM! Who'd have thunk it, eh?