A New Chapter

This year marks a year of new beginnings. New chapters in all the lives of those whom I hold dear to my heart. The year 2010 will bring about love and joy in my life. I shall go at my dreams head on and make them a reality. The past will stay in the past and I will learn from the life that I have lived, thus far.

For my best friends, we embark on a journey far greater than any of us has ever imagined. From travelling to bearing our souls to one another. In the first month of the year, we have grown closer than we have ever been. We've traveled to Japan and, together, created memories that will never be erased from the past. We've made promises for the future and have been through the ringer in a matter of weeks and have grown stronger and closer. As Law put it over a nice mug of beer, 'To friendship that has been tested in fire; which comes out brighter and more pure each time.'

For my family, we embark on a journey of honesty and conversion. It seems that as the years go by, we appreciate each other more and more for who we really are. My sister and I are able to have heart to heart conversations and confide in one another more willingly. My brother... well, he's our brother! Our parents are figures that we observe and strive to be like. Of course, we all have our faults. But, it's what keeps us together, in may ways!

My friends around the world are experiencing beautiful changes in their lives... Manuela and Steve have a baby that brightens their days(maybe even turns up the volume!). James and Trish have married and are starting their future as a beautiful, happily married couple who know the true value and meaning of marriage. Chenoa and Seba are raising a beautiful baby girl who looks like she brings them great joy! Andy starts a new life in Sydney with a new job, closer to that place he raves about... what's it called? Oh yeah! New Zealand :P

As for myself, there are many changes that I would like to make this year. Both big changes and little ones. But, all for my emotional and physical well being. I am learning to appreciate those who have proven their love of me. For those who have done the opposite, I'm learning to hold them at arm's length and appreciate whatever it is I have gained from the relationships. I'm trying to be more true to myself... to my feelings. There are goals that I have set myself for the year and am working, one day at a time, to achieve them.

So, here's to 2010 and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. May the year be filled with blessings, love, and graces. Here's to laughter, Thursday nights, dreams, and friendship.