Recently, S.O.U.L. was approached about teaching a class for adults in Santa Teresita Catholic Church. Our original plan was teach Pre-Confirmation, as a team. But, when the names of the team came in, the parish decided that we were needed in a different role. After much deliberation and discussion, we decided to take on the project, giving it the name C.h.r.i.S.M. - Christians having received instructions: Seek Me!

The program that we have decided to partake of has never been offered before. So, we're offered the class with a clean slate. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The first being, we're not tied in to a program that someone else has spear headed. There's no shoes that we need to fill and no footsteps we need to follow. From here, we make the imprint for others as a guide.

From what I have gathered from the other team members, we are all pretty excited about the class. We will be working with other young adults who are thirsting for the same things for which we are striving. With people who are present because they want to learn more about our faith and what it means to be not only Catholic but to be Christian. People, in front of whom, we can be real. We can acknowledge our weaknesses and faults without feeling inhibited.

How, exactly, does one approach such a task? How do I, someone who is constantly struggling with her faith, guide someone in theirs? How do I make up for my lack of knowledge regarding certain aspects of church history and tradition? How do I teach someone that God loves them, while still struggling with that truth? How can I make something great out of nothing at all?

The answer is simple, my friends. Not only do I have to consult the rest of the team. But, as a team(the Iron Fist is what they are calling us), we must rely on God. Only through our belief in Him and in His abilities are we going to be able to approach this task. Not only must we rely on one another, we must come to realize that it is through Him that we have met each other. Through Him that we have come to this step in our lives. And, it is through Him that we can proceed.

We are S.O.U.L. and we shall conquer this mountain which has placed before us.


The Lion King

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in commemoration of the birth of one of my close friends, Andrew Tenorio. On Aug. 14, 2009, Andy turned 29. While this may seem, to some, as 'old', in my mind, it's when the best years begin. But, this is just from observation. I, myself, have yet to reach my 30's!

Anyhow, the weekend started off with a mellow night of drink on Wednesday, Aug. 12. I had the pleasure of joining Andy and Law at Horse and Cow for a couple of drinks. An agreement of one beer turned in to an evening consisting of four pitchers between the three of us. But, I have to say, drinking put aside, it was a nice night. We got a little deep in to our conversation and were able to learn a bit more about each other. As always, I was disappointed to see the time pass so quickly. Alas, we ventured home and promised to meet the next day for a little adventure!

Thursday, Aug. 13... Again, the three of us met up and ventured out on our little escapade. The plan? Progressive drinking commencing at 2100 hours at Mermaid Tavern. From there, on to The Venue, Horse and Cow, House of Brutus(which, sadly, was closed), and culminating at Friday's, complete with a bell ring at midnight to ring in the official birthday. The evening was awesome! Again, more deep talking. Drinking games turning in to true revelations about the self.

Friday, Aug. 14... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!! After a short shopping trip to purchase crowns, sashes, and other party supplies, we (Jamie, Law, and I) joined the Tenorios at Cappriciosa in the Agana Shopping Center for dinner. The menu consisted of escargot, calamari, seafood lasagna, squid ink pasta, a cream sauce pasta, and garlic bread. Good food combined with great company is never ever a flop! From there, we ventured on to the sling shot in Tumon. Andy's only wish was to ride the sling shot on his 29th birthday. We, his friends, happily obliged. So, we put two excited young men in to a giant cage of steel and they were shot 70 meters in to the air. Jamie and I laughed amidst screams of excitement, terror, joy... Watching the video of their adventure has yet to get old!

As always, a really good night ends up on the beach! After a quick trip to ABC Stores for beverages, we ventured on to Fujita Beach. The evening was nice with a cool breeze and clear skies. When the skies threatened us with rain drops, we decided to head to Raku for a little bit of karaoke to top off the night.

Aug. 15, 2009, found us planning a bbq for the evening. Jamie and I were able to put together some supplies before we picked up Andy and shopped for food. We have found that the best bbq's, as of yet, have been planned on the spur of the moment. As was this one! After purchasing what we needed, we headed to the same spot we were at the night before. About half an hour after we set everything up, Law joined us with more beer and the rest of the food and the cooking began! A note to those of you who do not enjoy grainy foods... Do not let Andy and Law cook for you on the beach. There were many mishaps. But, they did a good job!

While the guys bbq'd, Jamie and I swam, talked, cleaned up a little bit, swam some more... Then, they finally decided to grace us with their presence, in the water, after they had consumed a little Surf N' Turf! More drinking games of revelation... More swimming... We called it a night at 2am.

I have many treasures in my life. I am glad to count these three particular friends as treasures that I hold very dear. I have experienced many things with their help. Some, I would not be daring enough to try with anyone else. I believe that the friendships that I have established with each one of them, are friendships that will always stand the tests of time. Knowing one for almost 17 years, I am able to truly say... They are keepers! Thank you for an awesome weekend and I look forward to many more! I love you guys!


View From the Other Side

Recently, I have had the pleasure of being in the company of my male companions. It was brought to my attention, by a dear friend, that I tend to surround myself with close male friends. While some may see this as a chance of flirtatious advances, I like to look at it as a way to understand and appreciate those of the opposite gender.

You see, when we ladies get together, we not only get to ogle at cuties but, unfortunately, things usually turn to male bashing or something pretty close to it. As a woman amongst other women, we forget the value of men. We forget that we can not go at it alone. The inner feminist comes out. The mentality of, "I don't need a man" or "I can do anything that he can but better!" seems to be at it's strongest.

I will not lie and say that I understand men. Because, no matter how much I desire this, no matter how much I surround myself with male friends, I will never fully understand their perspective. I will never be able to know what it's like to be a man. But, with a little help from my friends, I will get by! Hearing their views on relationships, the hardships they go through as males, the heart strings that they've had pulled, the love they've lost... just hearing them be human and not try to hide what really happens... All this, allows me to truly appreciate them. To appreciate all the men that God has placed in my life. Whether they be in my present, my past, or my future.

So, I take the opportunity now to thank Andy and Law for allowing me that glimpse in to their soul. For allowing me a view from the other side. I love you both!


What Was Lost Is Now Found

A little over a week ago, I was totally humiliated at work when a co-worker basically accused me of taking $200. I passed judgement on her when it was out of my place to do so. But, in my human nature, I find that, in certain circumstances, I do this very quickly. I fall in to this trap of overstepping my boundaries.

Today, someone came in to the office to drop his documents and start his annulment process. Said coworker, was in a meeting and requested that I take the documents and payment. I, in turn, requested that my supervisor accept the payment so that I would not be held responsible for another mishap.

According to my supervisor, the previous payment... the cause of misery for a week... was found. Not only was it found. But, it was found on the same day that the whole battle took place! So, I've been worrying about this incident for no reason at all.


Boys and Their Games

This past week, for me, has been filled with dialogue over which of the boys will make the better king. I would be lying if I were to say that I am not finding it entertaining. It's like watching two grown men have a pissing contest. Only, will less vulgarity(sometimes) and more laughing. To add to things, there's been bible passages worked in to the dialogue.

I admit, I do not remember exactly how the 'battle' started. But, since it has, I've been highly entertained by the bantering. Of course, as with any battle, the allegiance of parties is requested. In this case, none has been granted. While it is all in good fun, I wouldn't want to 'choose' a side! So, I teeter on the edge of the fence trying to keep neutral while poking fun at both sides.

The battle culminates in a battle of the stomachs, tonight. We get to watch to boys eat themselves silly at Horse and Cow in Tamuning. The first to finish a double burger(massive heart attack material) will reign victorious! They have a time limit of 45 minutes to give themselves a massive coronary. Or, at the least, some massive artery blockage!

Things are looking rather bleak for both the Cappy and the Lion... The Cappy, upon tackling the burger last week, attempted to choke on the meat. The Lion, while consuming a smaller burger, was unable to complete his task of devouring half a cow! So, we'll see who shall rise to the top of the food chain tonight. Will it be the Feline? Or will it be the Goat Fish?

Last man standing gets the chieftain's spear and the crown. Either way, I love you both! *laugh*