Have You Ever....

Had one of those weeks where you wish you could just go to bed, wake up again, and find that none of it ever happened? Yeah, I'm having one of those.

Life is under a microscope and I find that I'm noticing every little thing that went wrong along the way and it's being magnified by the power of 1000!

For instance, if I could go back to a day a few years back, I'd have walked the other way when you came in. I'd have run for the hills. But, the reality is, I can't. There is no time machine that will allow me to do so. At least, not yet! Now, if we were living in the age of the Jetsons then MAYBE!! Alas, we are not.

Oh well... At times like these, I just have to force myself to remember that it all happens for a reason.


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